What gender do you identify as:
Age group:
Do you have any disabilities:  
What race are you:
Please advise if you are comfortable with this information being shared with sponsors:  
Company’s field of Activity:
I’m attending the film mart:
How did you learn of the Durban FilmMart:
My main aim for attending the Durban FilmMart was:

Did you meet any new companies or make new contacts?  
Approximately how many meetings did you schedule?
Did you have any results from the meetings you/ DFM set up?  
Please specify nature of results:

Were you satisfied with the number of meetings scheduled?  
Did you meet with all the companies of your choice?  
Did you think there was a good balance in the representation of the different fields of the industry?  
Was it easy to set up meetings?  
Would you participate in the Durban FilmMart with any future projects?  

What did you think of the quality of the projects selected for the DFM Finance Forum?
What did you think of the geographical spread of selected projects?
Do you think you will be involved with one or more of these projects in the future?  
Did you make any valuable contacts outside of your existing network?  
Do you consider DFM as key market to scout for African talent?  
Will you attend the next DFM?