Also known as “Mr. B”, Bonginhlanhla Ncube is an international award-winning Producer/Director with a hearty flair for music score. Mr. B attained his skills under the training of North American film guru, Peter D Marshall (The Butterfly Effect, Happy Gilmore, Dawn of the Dead). Peter has worked for Directors such as; John Woo, Zack Snyder, Phillip Noyce, etc,… Mr. B taps into the talent of this highly experienced filmmaker. Prior to completing his  debut TV Series, Colours (2018), which he directed and did music design for each episode, his second feature film, Safe Bet (2016), was a success, garnering 6 International awards earning him a special recognition from the California State Assembly.

Mr. B has vast experience in Documentary filmmaking with Form 36, a documentary he wrote & directed in 2012 and was licensed by a Canadian Broadcaster. His experience span a good 15 years in filmmaking.

Mr. B is also the Co-Founder of, a startup online stock site specializing in African imagery. Bozapix hosts highly innovative quality film-ready shots, photos, audio clips and VFX templates.

In the corporate arena, Mr. B has gained popularity as “the Corporate Storyteller” through his ability to research and understand any organisation then craft a plausible visual story by collating the research material into a meaningful, easy to consume and impactful video. He has profiled and told a lot of these ‘corporate documentaries’, see links below;

SALGBC – Vaccination Drive Campaign, 2021 

(Produced, Written & Directed By)

SALGA – Local Government Seminars, 2018

(Produced, Written & Directed By)

SALGBC – COVID-19 Informercial, 2020

(Produced, Written & Directed By)

Dept. SCIENCE & TECH with EUROPEAN UNION – Technology Innovations, 2012 (Produced, Written & Directed By)

HOLLARD – TVC Commercial, 2016

(Co-Produced, Written & Directed By)

KFC – TVC Drop Whatever You Are Doing, 2019

(Written & Directed By)

SAFE BET Film, 2016

(Produced, Written & Directed By)–s

A full Biography can be obtained from his IMDB profile as well;

Off set, Mr. B loves sharing knowledge through mentoring, facilitating workshops in a myriad of film-related topics while he continues to learn and keep up with the trends through festival attendance and watching loads of films.

+27 79 8484087

@mrb_filmmaker [Instagram & Twitter]






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