Apolline Traore

Apolline Traore


Apolline Traore, is a Burkinabé director, winner of several distinctions and awards. She completed her bachelor’s in fine art from the Emerson College School of Art in Boston. Her graduation film: “The Price of Ignorance” won the Jury Prize at Fespaco 2001. At 25, she directed and produced the cult series “Monia and Rama” and a few years later “The Testament”. Her first short film “Kounandi” was selected at the Sundance Film Festival and the Toronto Film Festival in 2004. She worked on independent films in Hollywood before returning to the country in 2008. Her work places a particular emphasis on the voice of women and the scourges that plague the African continent. After “Frontières” in 2017, “Desrances” in 2019 is her fourth feature film, both of which have won multiple awards around the world. She was distinguished in 2019, Knight of the Order of Merit, Arts, Letters and Communication and in 2020.




African Constellations: Highlighting Success infront and Behind the Camera



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