Emma Tollman

Emma Tollman


From a young age, Emma’s passion for storytelling and love for cinema shaped her journey into filmmaking. With a background in theatre, philosophy, dance, and design, Emma’s unique blend of skills and experiences inform her work as a South African producer, screenwriter, and director. Despite not attending film school, Emma’s creative spirit and dedication have led her to notable achievements in the film industry. Her directorial debut, the short film “Thorns,” was distributed on Amazon Prime Video and received official selection in film festivals worldwide, including the Africa International Film Festival. Her second short film, “Songbird,” garnered critical acclaim, winning multiple awards in the One Minute International Film Festival. Emma’s production company, Tollman Film Company (TFC), focuses on amplifying women’s voices both in front of and behind the camera. Her work explores themes of mental health in the modern world and offers a fresh perspective on the human condition through genres like romcom, teen, and young adult drama. She aspires to become an alumnus who can provide value and support to fellow filmmakers on their journeys.


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