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DFMI Alumni Business Lab Participants Announcement

Durban FilmMart Institute is pleased to announce its inaugural DFMI Alumni Business Lab and the producers participating in the programme.

DFMI Alumni Business Lab

The 12-week business skills development programme is aimed at nurturing and empowering mid-career producers with the necessary skills to run efficient businesses and effectively engage in a global market. “The film and audio-visual industry in Africa has the potential to create over 20 million jobs and generate over €15 billion in revenues per year, yet the industry only realises roughly a quarter of this value. This is according to a recent report produced by UNESCO,” says General Manager, Magdalene Reddy, “We trust this DFMI programme will contribute to the strengthening of expertise in the film industry in Africa and bringing its potential to fruition.”

DFMI Alumni Business Lab, which commences this week, will take place online and will cover themes such as business and financial management, understanding IP and entertainment law and distribution strategies. 30 Industry professionals from across the continent have been selected from an open call process. The sessions will be conducted in English with simultaneous French and Portuguese translations.

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