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Durban FilmMart Institute Announces the 2021 Jumpstart Projects

17 Jun 2021

Durban FilmMart Institute Announces the 2021 Jumpstart Projects

Produire au Sud of the Festival des 3 Continents, Nantes, and Institut Francais-South Africa continue their partnership with the Durban FilmMart for the 10th edition of the story lab programme Jumpstart. This incubator programme is one of the international partnerships established by DFM across its 12 year history to develop cinema on the African continent.

Focussing on project packaging for the international market, six South African filmmakers will be introduced to key techniques and tools for scriptwriting and storytelling processes. The 2021 Jumpstart programme takes place during the Durban FilmMart, from  16-25 July.

Jumpstart Projects 2021:

Bedrock (Director: Kurt Otabenga Orderson) - is rooted in the migration of knowledge between the Northern and Western Cape provinces of South Africa. Bedrock investigates important questions regarding land ownership and the distribution of resources.

God's Work (Director: Michael James) - is a film that explores the humanity in the lives of people who are often seen as sub-human. It is a film that exposes how such lives are exploited and broken down by a system that benefits from their pain while professing goodwill and charity.

Soweto On Fire (Director: Talia Smith) - based on a true story, this film portrays the life of a photojournalist who decides to cover a student march not knowing he will capture an image that becomes a catalyst for the end of the apartheid regime. 

The Farmer's Tale (Director: Calvin Mafoko) - In search of a new way of life, a young man defies the hierarchies and the strict rules of his father to enrol at the University of North West. Being the only child and the sole inheritor of his parents’ farm, he decides to take a different route to that which his parents had hoped for.

The Story of A Thorn (Director: Mzimasi Ndzombane) - takes a look at the life of Shannon, a wife who finds out her partner is cheating on her. Shannon makes use of a service that specialises in terminating unhappy relationships. 

Who Keeps The Silence? (Director: Kamanee Govender) - looks at the life of Kaathi, a young girl living in apartheid South Africa.  She dreams of becoming a writer while navigating life in an Indian township with an alcoholic father, abusive mother and an uncle who sexually abuses her. 

The Durban FilmMart 2021 is produced by the Durban FilmMart Institute with principal funding from the Durban Film Office and Ethekwini Municipality.  

The DFM 2021 virtual event is supported by the National Film and Video Foundation, KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission, Film and Publications Board, International Emerging Film Talent Association,  Institut Francais – South Africa, Wesgro and Namibian Film Commission with the following programme partners - AfriDocs and Avek, Berlinale Talent, Cape Town International Animation Film Festival, Digital Lab Africa, Documentary Filmmakers Association, Documentary Association of Europe, DOK.fest München, DOK Leipzig, Dolby, Durban International Film Festival, FidaDoc, Hot Docs Blue Ice Fund, Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, Independent Producers Organisation, Miradas Doc, Netflix, Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, Produire au Sud, Rotterdam Cinemart, SASFED, South African Guild of Actors, Sørfond - Norwegian South Film Fund, SWIFT, Trace Studios, Writers Guild of  South Africa.


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