Anil Polton is a finalist and three times semi-finalist in the 2020 Writers Guild Muse awards. He is also a published author, playwright, produced screenwriter, screenwriting trainer, script editor, mentor and screenplay competition judge.

Anil believes that constant education is the road forward for writers being successful in their writing endeavours. The company you keep is also most important when it comes to being a writer- writers understand writers.

 And being with the Writers Guild for just over four years has done all that for him. He can now call himself a professional performance writer.

In 2021, he was the co-editor of the Writers Guild Newsletter and Communications co-council member, and now, in 2022, he is the Vice-Treasurer. 

Apart from other works in the pipeline, he is writing a full-length feature funded by the National Film and Video Foundation and two other short movies privately commissioned. 

Screenwriting is his business, his art and his passion



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