Future Mentors

In 2022, a group of film experts, selected by the Durban FilmMart Institute, embarked on an inspiring co-creation journey that culminated in the publication of an invaluable guide tailored for an emerging generation of film mentors.


The Future Mentors Programme’s mission is to address the scarcity of mentors originating from the African continent, while simultaneously equipping the next wave of mentors in Africa with the essential skills they need. The Future Mentors Programme Guide, crafted in collaboration with partners DW Akademie and Berlinale Talents, acts as a training tool that caters to individual needs and empowers mentors to actively engage within the film industry. Its purpose is to support a capacity-building programme for seasoned film professionals who possess a genuine desire to share their expertise with aspiring film practitioners. The guide caters to individuals with a background in mentorship, as well as those seeking to enhance their mentorship skills using a structured and comprehensive methodology. It is particularly beneficial for film industry practitioners  who have successfully nurtured and delivered projects to fruition and are now seeking to transition into the role of mentor or trainer. Access to the Future Mentors Programme Guide will be freely available through the Durban FilmMart Institute’s online offering, ensuring that aspiring mentors and industry professionals can readily benefit from this tool. 


The Future Mentors Programme Guide is as a precursor to the launch of The Future Mentors Programme to take place in 2024. The programme follows the DFMI’s eagerness to expand the programme’s reach and empower a greater number of filmmakers not only entering the industry but to further create a sustainable industry for the future generation. This stems from a shared belief in the transformative power of mentorship and the immense potential it holds for nurturing emerging talents within the industry.

To view the Future Mentors Guide click here. 

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