Nobuntu ‘BusaBuntu’ Dubazana is the Creative Founder of disruptive media company, BusaBuntu Pictures (PTY) Ltd, youth and women focused NPC, The BusaBuntu Foundation, a former Council Member for the Film and Publication Board of South Africa and co-founder of South African slow fashion brand, OSISI. As one of the few Qualified Creative Economists in the world, she is proud to use a diverse set of creative skills to develop stories from an African Perspective and popularise socially impactful digital and traditional platforms and products that share and connect with multi-cultural audiences, innovate the processes and outcomes of storytelling and make the seemingly impossible visually possible. With over 30 years of storytelling and communications (African and Western) experience, her 2014 double major Master in Arts: Filmmaking and The Creative Economy (Majors: Entrepreneurship, Communications, Disruption and Filmmaking) from Kingston University (London, UK) partially quenched her continued thirst for new knowledge and endowed her with highly competitive skills for the thriving creative industries. Her appointment as a Council of the Film and Publication Board of South Africa gave her an opportunity to sharpen her skills in youth, vulnerable citizen and content regulation development and has familiarised her with the legislative requirements of board members, the prescripts of the PFMA of South Africa and King 4. It is through these collaborative and lean model driven workspaces that she researches and develops disruptive communication strategies and entrepreneurial behaviours that enhance storytelling models and lend to job creation for young and vulnerable people. She is diligent and her passion for new knowledge serves as the foundation for her work ethic. She brings a progressive IQ-EQ balance, feminine disruption, problem-solving innovation, cultural empathy, ethical corporate governance and a well-informed African perspective to any institution she works with. She recently was the Show Creator/Showrunner/Lead Actor in the first 13-part Mocku-Series from an African perspective which aired on SABC 1 between November 2021 and January 2022. She continues to work | FOR | THE | STORY ©


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