Carol Kioko is the CEO of Lemon Slice Pictures, an African Film Production company focused on the elevation of African Identity through storytelling. In 2020 Carol was selected as one of a handful of Producers from across the world participating in the inaugural Creative Producer’s Indaba, a professional training and empowerment program for Africa’s emerging producers with creative vision and leadership skills. Carol has a vast 20year experience in both TV and Film across Kenya and South Africa. Her eclectic skills have seen her Produce both narrative and documentary content for the likes of MTV Base, BBC, Aljazeera and CNN International. In 2013 she introduced the 48 Hour Film Project to Nairobi. The world wide competition invites aspiring filmmakers to script, shoot, edit and score a short film in just 2days. Carol has run the competition as City Producer for 5years sending two short films to the Cannes Film Festival. Carol’s strong focus on PanAfrican storytelling drives her to CoProduce with like minded individuals on the African Continent. She is currently producing 3 fiction feature films, and various episodic projects. In 2021 she presented her feature film work at the Durban Film Mart at the Durban International Film Festival. Two of her projects are CoProductions with South African filmmakers, one of which was selected to participate in the 21st Nantes Producers of the South workshop to held in the framework of the 43rd Festival des 3 Continents.


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