Bonko Khoza

Bonko Khoza


Bonko Khoza is a South African character actor popularly known for his SAFTA award winning role as Mqhele Zulu on the Showmax original series The Wife. For almost a decade Bonko has been steadily cementing his reputation as a strong emerging force on South African and international screens. Since his breakout role as Jabz in Necktie Youth (2015), which earned him a Best Actor Nomination at the Tribeca Film Festival, Bonko has appeared in a number of films and series alongside celebrated local and international talents. Bonko grew up in Roberstsham, a small suburb in the south of Johannesburg, he began acting in primary as a young “Captain Hook” in the school production. He’s been pursuing his passion for performance ever since those early days. Bonko went on to matriculate from the National School of Arts in 2009 after majoring in Fine Arts. A two-year detour inspired a path into Advertising and Design. Bonko then spent another two notable years at The Market Theatre Laboratory enrolled for a Performance and Theatre Skills Course. Today Bonko is also one of South Africa’s sought after Voice over artists, he’s worked with top brands locally and internationally.


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