Sakhile Mogale

Sakhile Mogale


Sakhile Mogale is an early entrant academic who is passionate about the Creative Industries. Before getting into the academic space, she has worked in the Creative Industries in a myriad roles such as Content Writing and Editing. She completed an honours degree in Publishing Studies before venturing into Digital Arts where she recently completed her master’s degree. The opportunity to dip her feet into the pedagogical landscape of education in Wits School of Arts through the Digital Arts and Interdisciplinary Arts and Culture Studies (IACS) departments has introduced her to exciting areas of interest in the creative industries that include a rich tapestry of creative and artistic research practices within the creative industries. The introduction into the concept of Intermediaries in the Digital Creative Industries ignited the already present passion for the industries but with better cognisance for the role intermediaries play in the value chain. She fully intends to be part of the intermediaries discourse and wishes to make a contribution to the Digital Creative Industries through this avenue.


University of the Witwatersrand – Digital Arts


Intermediaries in Africa, Now and Beyond



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