Victor Senna

Victor Senna


My Victor Senna was appointed by the board as Interim Chief Executive Officer for the Kwazulu-Natal Film Commission (KZNFilm) with effect from the 01 April 2022. Mr Senna is passionate about the impact that film and television has in driving development, transformation and inclusivity in rural communities around the Province of Kwa-Zulu Natal. According to the Transformation report commissioned by the National Film and video foundation in 2022, “The shifts in transformation over the past 27 years and in film and TV in the past five years require dynamic and responsive strategies towards transformation. These need to be changed from a focus on access to a focus on sustainability, especially for companies owned by previously disadvantaged individuals” Since Joining KZNFilm in 2020, Mr Senna has focused on ensuring that Film and TV is used as a catalyst for driving transformation in rural parts of KZN by among others fostering partnerships with local municipalities, film associations and other government departments in the province. Mr Senna is a seasoned professional with over 20 years combined experience in Public Sector Leadership


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