• I am a Political Cartoonist, Designer, Painter and Animator.
  • I am also the founder of CFAD (Centre For Fine Art, Animation And Design)
  • I was an anti apartheid cartoonist and lived in Brazil and the United States.
  • I studied Traditional and 3D Animation at the Parsons School Of Design in New York and did an internship at the San Franscisco Art Institute.
  • When I came back to South Africa I opened CFAD.
  • I trained the first Black African political cartoonists in this country.
  • I was the first “Black” cartoonist, but I was “Steve Biko Black”
  • I also trained the comic artists who work at Supa Strikas.
  • Just recently, my students and I worked on the Nelson Mandela Folktales animation series.
  • We did five episodes out of thirty.
  • We won best Animated Short Movie in Chicago, Kolkata, The Sunderban Animation Festival and at the Black Panther Festival.
  • I won the award for best Art Direction.
  • We won 18 laurels in total.
  • Right now, I am also working on turning my Anti Apartheid Political Cartoons into an Animated Documentary called “Laughing Through The Pain”


Centre For Fine Art, Animation And Design




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